Launching Your Business Idea

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The most daunting task that most people struggle with, when wanting to start their own business, is probably staying on course while in heavy pursuit of their dreams (goals).

We live in a fast-paced society in today’s world. There are so many different and REAL demands which tend to make us believe that they are our true hinderance to becoming successful in what we are most passionate about. We have so many things to place the blame of inaction on. Health. Relationships. Finances. Time. Anything and anyone can be an obstacle, anyone but ‘me’.

The truth and reality are that you really do have complete control over what successes you have, and when. Maybe you won’t have control over the ‘how long’ it will take, but surely you have control over whether you achieve the success you desire.

The only requirement to achieving this success is ‘action’. Taking action today. Commit. Endure. Never Give Up, and you will Persevere.






So why not launch your business idea? Here are some pointers to help you along the way:

Find Your Inspiration.

Find Your Motivation.

Give Yourself Permission to Be Empowered. SELF-EMPOWERMENT IS KEY.

Be Intentional. Be Responsible. Set Goals, Write Them Down, Visit Them Daily. Show Up!

Being intentional shows that you are living a life that is meaningful. You choose to make thoughtful choices in your life. You live a life that is fulfilling to you. To do this, you need to be present with yourself. Understand that your feelings, thoughts, and actions all have a part to play in your everyday experiences in life.

Being responsible means to take ownership of all things you control. This includes, most importantly, your mental well-being, your emotional balance, your spiritual and inner-peace voice, and the practice of eliminating your self-limitations.





Be engaged with your goals. Be engaged in life. Actively engage, daily.

Never Give Up. Always Show Up.

Create A Vision Board on Paper, Via Pinterest, Whiteboard, Cork Board, You Get the Picture

Collect images, sayings, quotes, attractive text, anything that motivates you about your business.

Put everything on your vision board and hang it or place it somewhere that it will look you in the eye each day to remind you of your inspiration, to motivate you.

  1. Find a support network through friends, neighbors, social media, groups, local business owners, etc.…, sign up with a business/motivational coach, find 5 people you admire and trust who you feel safe with your ideas, concerns, insecurities, and wins. Do this through email, Facebook groups, in person over coffee, zoom, skype, or whatever makes you feel comfortable and accessible
  2. Fail, Fail Again, Fail Some More, Fail Many Times, Then Don’t. You will fail many times before you feel as though you have won; however, the reality in this is mindset is that you never really failed at all. You were winning the entire time. You were winning through lessons learned. You were building character.
  3. If You Like to Read, Find A Few Good Books or Sign Up for Audible Via Amazon To Kick Start Your Thinking Game
  4. If you don’t have any fancy degrees or college courses to add to your resume, consider touching up on some free online certification programs to spice up your portfolio. Add them to your social media profiles, specifically LinkedIn. This builds trust and authority in what you are offering to your future and returning clientele.
  5. Start to Build Your Brand.
    1. Think up a nice logo that will show the character of both you (the dreamer, the owner), and that of your business. Make your own if you enjoy creative projects and feel inspired to be savvy with some of the online tools available on the internet today. Or, you can hire a freelance graphic designer via Fiverr or another popular freelance services platform. Oftentimes, you can request logo design through the freelance web designer you choose to build your website.
    2. Build your own website if you have just enough technical curiosity and want to have a little fun building your brand up from the ground or hire a freelance web designer to help you kickstart your business presence to the world, to your community, to your friends and family.
    3. Support small business and enjoy the perks of lower startup costs when you choose to go with a freelance web designer.
  6. Stay Inspired – Keep Your Eye on The Goal.
  7. Stay Motivated – find an influencer, success/business coach, entrepreneur, and/or motivational public figure on social media and follow their pages. Join their groups and engage with other members, consistently. Participate in discussion groups through your favorite Motivational, Business-Accentuating, Social Media Posts. Hire A Mentor.
  8. Continue to Be Self-Empowered.

Take action today. Commit. Endure. Never Give Up, and you will Persevere.

Interested in Building your Brand today with a Logo or Website (design)? Reach out to me through my contact page to learn more. Be Inspired. Take Action. Let’s Go!

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